A downloadable game for Windows

A short game made for the Ludum Dare # 37 "One room"

Controls and gameplay:

Move with WASD, ZQSD or arrow keys.

Interact with space bar, E or left control.

- You have to refill water by holding down any interaction button next to the water device.
- You can move faster to increase your score multiplier by holding down any interaction button next to the pumping machine.
- Killing humans with the gatling turret grants 10 times more points.
- You can keep the umbrella open by holding down the action key.

Story (kind of):

King Axolotl wants all humans dead, and he's got a army of giant-walking-grounded-submarine-robot ready to fullfill his biggest wishes.

Tools used :

Game Maker, Photoshop, Spine and Audacity

Credits: Team Axolotl

  • Programming : Félix Pinchon (Hyuto Games)
  • Art : Julien "Bernik" Cabezas
  • Music & additional art: Cédric "Boxscape !" Bagein

Special thanks to Margaux Kempf for game ideas, Lila Grimaldi for feedback, and Mathieu Taybi for the name of the game.

Published Dec 13, 2016
Tagsaxolotl, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 37, mechaxolotl, rampage, Runner


Mechaxolotl Rampage.zip 9 MB


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The whole complexity of the machine overwhelmed me in a positive sense, it really had some extraordinary game design, though it's quite simple - that was amazing! Also, the art style was absolutely gorgeous. <3 A funny and cute 'runner rampage' game! Happily I included it in one of our compilation articlesabout the Ludum Dare 37 as well as in the corresponding showcase video, along with two other neat entries. :) Hoping to see more of you in the future, the next jam awaits! :D

Best wishes,